Meet the Dean CAFST

Prof. T. U. Nwabueze, Dean CAFST

The College of Applied Food Sciences and Tourism is one of the eight Colleges and two Schools approved at the inception of the University in 1994 as College of Food Processing and Storage Technology. This followed the establishment of specialized Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria.

The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, was established in May 1993 (as Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike) by Edict no 48 of the Federal Government of Nigeria, with a central mandate and mission of imparting agricultural education in a scientific and practical way, undertaking applied research and such extension services as would assist the achievement of national self – sufficiency in food production, and catalyzing as well as sustaining rural development.

At inception, the University approved five departments for the College as follows:

  1. Brewing and Fermentation Technology***
  2. Food Science and Technology
  3. Home Economics
  4. Hotel Management and Tourism
  5. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

The Department of Home Economics was the first to commence in 1993/1994 academic session, followed by Food Science and Technology in 1994/1995 academic session. The Human Nutrition and Dietetics was introduced as a programme in Home Economics Department in 1995/1996 academic session but was established as a full Department in 2004/2005 session. Hotel Management and Tourism was first introduced as a programme under Home Economics Department in 2002/2003 academic session.

The name of the College was changed from College of Food Processing and Storage Technology (CFPST) to College of Applied Food Sciences and Tourism (CAFST) in 2008 out of the growing need to capture the various programmes of the College.

The founding fathers and foundation students of the college have contributed immensely to the development and growth of the College, and their efforts are gratefully acknowledged. The College acknowledges the efforts of Dr. (Mrs) C. C.Nwabara and Prof. E. N. T. Akobundu who were the pioneer and second Dean’s of the college respectively.