Renowned theologian Rev Fr. Augustine Echema has urged Christians to live according to the dictates of their religion in all their dealings.

Rev Fr. Echema , a professor of theology at the catholic institute of west Africa (CIWA), Portharcourt ,said that it is by so doing that Christians are able to attract and convert non-Christians to Christianity .he stated that virtues that make people stand out as Christians include, but are not limited to, discipline ,Contentment,Comportment,Neatness, respect for self and others.

The clergyman ,who spoke at the April edition of MOUAU’s monthly prayer meeting ,enjoined everyone to be dedicated and focused in their association with one another as exemplified in the meetings reading taken from Daniel 1;1-10.

In the bible passage Daniel lost nothing by refusing to eat the kings meals.

The MOUAU choir rendered songs of praise at the prayer season while Rev. R Nwokocha prayed for the vice chancellor, Management, staff and students of MOUAU as well as Abia state and Nigeria.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor(Academics) professor Maduiwe ,stood for the vice chancellor professor Francis Otunta, who was on an official engagement outside the state and could not attend the prayer meeting as a result .The DVC (Acad) thanked MOUAU staff and students for their love for god and prayed the almighty to continue to bless them and their family.