The main objectives of the B.Sc Degree Programme of the Continuing Education Centre are to:

  • Engender Entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in the mind of its products which will make them wealth creators.
  • Develop students’ sense of purpose to valuable tools and insights on god project management.
  • Develop in student the mind-set to be self-reliant, creative, and to evaluate valuable business opportunities in the environment.
  • Equip the students to be change agents in their environment, through thought provoking and innovative ventures.
  • To provide educational opportunity for people of catchment areas of the university, its environs and beyond, those by virtue of their jobs are unable to pursue regular University Education.
  • To teach, examine and present such students for certification.
  • To offer Training, Orientation, Seminar and Workshop, in particular in exams ethics etc.
  • To perform other services that may be assigned to the Centre by the University Authority