This is an integrated service Charter of SERVICOM Unit of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (M.O.U.A.U). This Service Charter sets out the services provided by the SERVICOM Unit and the standard to which we will perform these services.

This local Service Charter did a situation analysis of the Unit so as to reposition it for prompt service delivery to the University and other stakeholders. It clearly outlined the mandate of this unit and our commitment towards actualizing them for the overall benefit of staff and students. It tells you how to complain and the means through which you can do so in case of service failure, and details of our commitment to report on the service and regularly review our performance.

This Charter applies to our students. Staff and to everyone who has contact with the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike including the employers of our graduates. It has an in-built mechanism for accessing complaints and its feedback. This Charter has been developed in consultation with the staff of the University and other stakeholder. Local Charters have been developed for our various Service Windows. These Charters are available at our various Service Window, our Liaising office at Abuja and in our website.


The SERVICOM Unit “Watch Dog” of the University charged with the responsibility of checking and monitoring service failure in the all sectors of the University.

SERVICOM was born on the 21st March 2004. As regards to the concluding special presidential retreat on service delivery in Nigeria, The president and the Ministers ventured into a service compact with all Nigerians which gave birth to SERVICOM. It has service window as its auxiliary.



  The mission of SERVICOM of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike is:

  • To ensure effective and efficient service delivery in all sectors of the University.
  • To dedicate ourselves to providing the basic services to which each citizen is untitled in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.
  • Drawing out modalities on how to achieve high productivity in the University.
  • Ensuring that the culture of SERVICOM is embedded by all staff of the University as envisaged by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Creating necessary awareness for SERVICOM programmes among the staff of the University.
  • Taking necessary measure that will ensure the success of SERVICOM in the University.



To meet the emerging challenges in the quest for quality service delivery in M.O.U.A.U, through efficient service delivery, punctuality to work, presence on seat, performance and Citizen satisfaction.


We deliver quality services to all segments of the University which includes:

  • Monitoring service delivery on all service windows of the University.
  • Take complaint from MOUAU citizens
  • Address all complaints from all MOUAU citizen within 72hrs
  • Routine check on all service windows
  • Taking attendance of early comers and staff at work.
  • Ensuring effective service delivery within our University system via a consultative forum with all stakeholders
  • Organizing sensitization workshop on how to improve service delivery.
  • Conducting opinion poll on effectiveness of our service delivery.