Prof Herbert Chairs University Admissions Board (UAB)

Prof Herbert

The University Senate at its 176th regular meeting approved the constitution of the University Admissions Board with Prof. Udo Herbert as the Chairman.
Other members of the board include the following:
i. Vice-Chancellor’s representative
ii. Bursar’s representative
iii. University Librarian’s representative

iv. College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology & Extension’s Representative
v. College of Applied Food Science & Tourism’s Representative
vi. College of Education’s Representative
vii. College of Animal Science & Animal Production’s Representative
viii. College of Crop & Soil Science’s Representative
ix. College of General & Communication Studies Representative

x. College of Engineering & Engineering Technology’s Representative

xi. College of Natural Resources & Environmental Management’s Representative
xii. College of Management Sciences Representative
xiii. College of Natural Sciences Representative
xiv. College of Physical & Applied Sciences Representative
xv. College of Veterinary Medicine’s Representative
xvi. DR(Admissions)-Member/Secretary