Enhancement of Research Activities


In order to enhance research activities and take advantage of globalization of ICT, it shall be a deliberate policy of MOUAU to engage in academic/research linkages with other universities, Research Institutes and other public and private organizations within and outside Nigeria. Such linkages will foster mutual cooperation, which will help to advance the university’s academic programmes and expose the staff to beneficial comparative experience. Through linkages, facilities and resources for research in these establishments shall be accessible to staff of the university and joint research projects can be forged. This ultimately leads to reduction in the cost of research.



Adequate and sustained funding is essential for the actualization of the university’s research agenda. Meaningful problem-solving research is expensive. Moreover, premature termination of a research project due to lack of funds and other material support adversely affects the quality and quantum of research and indeed smolders interest and further initiatives. There is need, therefore, for the University to put mechanisms in place to guarantee availability of adequate research funds at all times. To achieve this, the University shall:

  1. Allocate at least 5% of its annual recurrent budget for funding of research
  2. Establish a Research Trust Fund (RTF), which shall form a long-term source of support for strategic research  articulated in the University’s research plan or identified by benefactors but which shall be in consonance with the University’s Research Plan
  3. Encourage DURA, Research Teams and individuals to apply and compete for research support from external agencies and the donor community, for example UNICEF, UNESCO, FAO, UNIDO, WHO, IFS, TWAS, etc.
  4. Canvass for the endowment of Professorial chairs by benefactors.