Enhancement of Research Capacity


In order to ensure that Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike has a crop of dedicated academic staff with great capacity for research, in line with her research thrust, the following shall be entrenched on a sustainable basis:

  1. Vigorous and directional staff development scheme by which young promising graduates are recruited to pursue their PhD programmes in areas of need. The research projects of these budding academics shall derive from the overall University Research Plan. Choice of areas of specialization shall be consistent with the academic and projected future research and development goals of the university. The capacity-building scheme shall be funded from a Staff Development Fund (SDF), which will be managed by the URB. The SDF shall receive an allocation of at least 1% of the total recurrent annual budget of the university.
  2. Upgrading of staff and enabling them to broaden their experience and acquire new skills needed to drive research in the university, through sponsorship for short courses, collaborative research visits, research exchanges, etc.
  3. Encouragement and sponsorship of staff to conferences, workshops and seminars to enable them to benefit from peer interaction and build confidence in the midst of professional colleagues.
  4. Academic Departments/Colleges shall be required to organize regular (monthly) research seminars where research ideas are tested and fresh research results are subjected to peer scrutiny and debate before dissemination through external conference attendance and publication, which shall be funded by the university.
  5. There shall be periodic university-wide conferences and workshops on topical issues, through the relevant Colleges and Departments
  6. The University shall endeavour to host conferences of professional societies of which staff are members.