MOUAU Research Policy Thrust


In consonance with its mandate, MOUAU shall enthrone a functional, sustainable, excellence-driven and productive research culture. This can be achieved through the establishment and maintenance of an institutional arrangement, which will guarantee a conducive research environment in terms of adequate physical infrastructure, facilities and financial resources for the promotion, organization, coordination and execution of high quality research, geared towards solving societal problems.


2.1 Research Focus

The university shall accord high priority to research in the disciplines she offers, notably Agriculture, Science, Engineering and Management. Such research projects shall address global realities, priority national needs and established needs of the university’s catchment area. They shall, as much as possible, be problem-solving and people-oriented in scope and content, so that the university can make a solid impact on the society. However, relevant basic research shall also be encouraged to provide basic information and framework for applied research. Effort shall be made to accommodate both basic and applied research in the disbursement of research funds.

Research objectives may be short – (less than one year in duration), medium- (one to two years) or long-term (more than two years). Commodity/Utility/Action-based research programmes shall be identified within which different research teams will emerge. The University shall encourage multi-disciplinary/inter-disciplinary/trans-disciplinary research, as a means of broadening the focus of research and ensuring sufficient input from various related professionals, thus guaranteeing its relevance and acceptability.

Efforts shall be made to incorporate mechanisms for dissemination of results of research to relevant sectors in order to facilitate their adoption, commercialization (if possible) and utilization. Institutional linkages shall also be sought to facilitate research efforts within the University.