Decree No. 48 Federal Universities of Agriculture Decree of 1992 states the objectives of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike to include:

  • To promote and emphasize teaching, research and extension of agricultural knowledge including agriculture extension services and outreach programmes, in-service training, continuing education and on-farm adaptive research, and
  • To establish institutional linkages in order to foster collaboration and integration of training, research and extension activities.

Research is a process of guided learning aimed at exploring new knowledge or testing existing ones. Research is crucial in institutional and national development. It helps to promote the development of the student, the teacher and the society. It promotes creativity and objectivity. Universities all over the world are looked upon as centres where new concepts and scientific ideas emanate and great universities are known by the quality, quantum and applicability of their research output.

For a specialized university, the need for a clear research policy becomes imperative. Such a policy will provide a conceptual and practical framework that will ensure proper organization and management of research on a sustainable basis, instead of ad hoc arrangements that may be subject to abuse and failure. Such a policy will also provide mechanisms for prioritizing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting research efforts towards solving societal needs for increased food and fibre production and for technological breakthroughs