4.1 Processing of Research Grant Applications

i) Research proposal originating from research teams within each programme shall be in the appropriate format (See Appendix I) and shall be forwarded to the RPL by the RTL in five (5) copies. Research teams should ensure that their proposals meet the stipulated guidelines (available from the DURA).

ii) Each programme, chaired by the RTL, shall organize an in-house review of each proposal submitted to it by Research Teams, using the approved scoring guidelines (Appendix II). Processing, at this stage, may involve revision by the Research Team, further review, rejection or acceptance. The RPL shall call a meeting to review proposals submitted to him/her within two weeks of the date of submission. Thereafter, the RPL shall forward five (5) copies of a successful proposal to the Director of DRD. Appendix II is the format for forwarding research proposals recommended by Programmes to DURA.

iii) For a postgraduate research proposal, the student’s (staff) supervisory committee shall forward copies of the proposal to the Head of Department. The HOD shall arrange for presentation of the proposal in a seminar. After review, the HOD shall forward the revised proposal to the appropriate Research Programme Leader for further processing.

iv) The Director of URA shall, in liaison with RPLs, arrange for a review (internal or external) of proposals received from RPLs and HODs (for postgraduate proposals) within two weeks of receipt. The approved scoring guidelines shall be used.

v) On completion of the review process, DURA shall forward successful proposal to the URB, with definite recommendations, for approval and funding.


4.2 Communication of Approved Research Grants

  1. After approval of a research proposal for funding by URB, the DURA shall communicate the Research Team whose proposal is approved, through the appropriate RPL.
  2. The Research Team shall be required to enter into an agreement with DURA to execute the approved project. Both parties shall endorse the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which shall specify the scope of the project, obligations of the Research Team and other conditions of the grant. A sample MOA is in Appendix IV.

4.3 Disbursement of Funds for Approved Projects

  1. Approved research funds shall be disbursed according to the terms in the MOA. Funds shall be disbursed in two installments of 60% and 40% of the approved fund.
  2. The Research Team shall make a request for the first installment of the approved fund to the Director of URA, through the RPL.
  3. After certification, the Director of URA shall forward the request to the Bursar for payment.
  4. On the request of the Team, the second installment shall be paid only on the recommendation of the Director of URA that fund for the first installment was properly utilized and the Bursar is satisfied with its retirement.
  5. Efforts shall be made to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks in disbursement of research funds.

4.4 Monitoring of Approved Research Projects

  1. All funded research projects shall be adequately and regularly monitored, at least quarterly, by DURA.
  2. The DURA shall constitute an ad hoc monitoring team for each research project being monitored.
  3. Membership of each monitoring team shall include the Internal Auditor or representative and the Stores Officer or representative.
  4. The functions of the Monitoring Team shall be:
  1. To inspect all equipment/materials claimed to have been purchased by a Research Team and certify that they are actually purchased and are where they should be;
  2. To ensure that the university stores had formally received and issued out every equipment/materials before they are put to use;
  3. To ensure that all equipment/materials purchased for the project have university inscription and the research grant number on them (where possible); and
  1. Report of the monitoring team shall be in the appropriate format (Appendix V).

4.5 Review Meetings and Progress Reports

  1. Every active Research Team shall have Monthly Review Meetings (MRMs)
  2. Reports of these meetings shall be sent to the RPL, whose programme shall have Quarterly Review Meetings (QRMs) or less, depending on the duration of a particular project
  3. The RPL shall forward progress reports, including financial, of all active research teams within the programme to the DURA quarterly or less, depending on the duration of a particular project.
  4. Progress reports shall be used for monitoring the projects.

4.6 Completion/Termination of Research Projects

  1. A project shall be deemed to have been satisfactorily completed following submission of an acceptable final report (including financial) by the Research Team.
  2. It is mandatory that each research team shall give seminars to present results of university-funded research projects. Programme Leaders shall be responsible for the organization.
  3. The DURA shall issue a certificate of successful project completion to the Team
  4. An on-going project may be terminated by the DURA, following adverse reports by monitoring teams regarding misuse of funds, improper retirement of disbursed funds, unauthorized deviation from the approved work plan and shoddy execution of the project.

4.7 Acknowledgment

All publications emanating from research funded under this scheme shall duly acknowledge the University and donor agencies for support. Researchers and the University or donor agencies shall be joint owners of any patent or commercializable research results/developed technologies.