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Management of Information system (MIS)

The Management Information System (MIS) Unit was setup to carry the following basic functions within the Directorate of ICT and the University as a whole:
  • To develop and maintain the University Website
  • To develop new software Application and Maintain existing software for the University
  • To design and develop relational database systems and their web interfaces.
  • To help in generating college web contents for our Learning Management System
  • Recommend and implement new technology solutions to improve productivity.
  • To assist in creating systems and implementing website development and data access across college.
  • Develop and implement MIS policies to ensure data accuracy and security.
  • Provide support with maintenance of the college’s computerized management information systems including data entry, data checking and report production.
  • To support in the development and enhancement of college systems, databases, and portals using web standards.
  • To support the in-house college registration system, providing timely attendance information to staff and support services.
  • To take part in training and supervising members of staff involved in data entry into the college’s computerized information systems.
  • Perform periodic maintenance and servicing of MIS system to improve operational efficiency.

    Functions of the MIS Unit includes:

  • Web Operations: involves the deployment, operation, maintenance, tuning, and repair of web-based applications and systems.
  • Data Capturing: includes collecting data and entering than directly into computer systems.
  • Processing Data: organizing, processing, checking and cleaning of data to produce meaningful information.
  • Data Analysis: involves calculation and interpretation of data
  • Data Reporting: includes publication and dissemination of information.
  • Software Application Development: Development and maintenance of Software


    Mrs Kelechi Dike

    Head of Unit Management Information System

    Mr. Egeolu, Ifeanyichukwu

    Assistant Head of Unit, Management Information System

    Nwabrije Ugochukwu E.