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Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission


The Vision of the University encapsulates its original purpose and what used to be referred to as its Mission and Mandate. The rehearsing of this vision gives anyone associated with it the expectations of the Institution. The University aims to provide the knowledge base for achieving food security, hence its motto: Knowledge, Food and Security. The University, therefore, has the vision to serve Nigeria and humanity through processes that will lead to the alleviation of hunger.


The Mission of the University is to provide high-quality practical training for students to become professionally competent, and confident persons capable of self-employment, to develop environment-friendly and person-sensitive technologies; and to enhance the well-being of the people through extension services and other interventions.

The overall goal is to provide the training of students in a rural setting, aimed at self-reliance, through the inculcation of appropriate entrepreneurship skills.

MOUAU’s Core values include Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, Fairness, and Justice.