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Goals, Objectives & Philosophy

Goals, Objectives & Philosophy


The objectives of the Michael University of Agriculture, Umudike are as follows:

  1. To encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without  distinction of race, creed, sex or political  conviction, the opportunity of acquiring a higher education in Agriculture;
  2. To develop and offer academic and professional programmes leading to the award of diplomas, first degrees, postgraduate research and higher degrees which emphasize planning, technical, maintenance, developmental and adaptive skills in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Engineering Technology and allied professional disciplines with the aim of producing socially  mature persons with capacity to improve on those disciplines and develop  new ones, but also to contribute to the scientific transformation of  agriculture in  Nigeria;
  3. To act as agents and catalysts, through postgraduate training, research and     innovation  for the effective and economic utilization, exploitation and conservation of Nigeria’s natural, agricultural, economic and human  resources;
  4. To offer to the general population as a form of public service, the results of training and research in   agriculture and allied disciplines and to foster the practical application of those results;
  5. To establish appropriate relationship with other national institutions  involved in training, research and development of agriculture;
  6. To identify the agricultural problems and needs of Nigeria and to find solutions to them within the context of overall national development;
  7. To provide and promote sound basic scientific training as a foundation for the development of agriculture and allied disciplines, taking into account indigenous culture, the need to enhance national unity, the need to vastly increase the adequate preparation of graduates for self-employment in agriculture and allied professions;
  8. To promote and emphasize teaching, research and extension of agricultural knowledge including agriculture extension services and out-reach programmes, in-service training, continuing education, and on-farm adaptive  research;
  9. To offer academic programme in relation to the training of manpower for agriculture in Nigeria;
  10. To organize research relevant to training in agriculture with emphasis on  small scale farming;
  11. To organize extension services and outreach programmes for technology transfer;
  12. To establish institutional linkages in other to foster collaboration and  integration of  training, research and extension activities; and
  13. To undertake any other activities appropriate for Universities of  Agriculture

    In view of the above stated mission and objectives, and while fully aware of its national responsibilities, the University will ensure that its research and extension activities are responsive to the needs of the farmers in the agro-ecological zone in which it is located. Specifically the University will adopt the bottom-to-up approach in the planning and implementation of research, and in development and transfer of technology to the farmers. Hence, the immediate enhancement of the well-being of the farmers is the focal point of the University.


The goal of the present MOUAU administration is to concentrate its energy and resources on the well-articulated actions plan tailored after the objectives for the achievement of the set goals, viz:

  1. To create an academic environment which is stimulating and challenging and which is conducive to effective teaching, learning and research;
  2. To advance the frontiers of teaching, learning and research through an effective and judicious
  3. Combination of the University programmes;
  4. To enhance staff training and research so as to entrench an enduring research tradition at least in the first instance by staff;
  5. To foster in the student body a sense of community and a new orientation consistent with primary purpose of a standard tertiary institution of producing disciplined, upright, cultured and patriotic citizens; .
  6. To promote excellence in Agriculture, Science and Technology to meet the challenges of the global village;
  7. To expand the frontiers of training and service through the promotion of multi-disciplinary approaches in all the colleges;
  8. To strengthen the creative and innovation values and entrepreneurial capacities of all colleges and schools so as to make them more relevant to the national development process;
  9. To promote information and communications technology infrastructures in the University, so as to make them easily accessible to all members of the University community;
  10. To stimulate entrepreneurial competencies in the University; and
  11. To establish a strong, effective and efficient administration. Our goal will be also to deepen the roots of knowledge in the existing programmes while exploring new areas and initiating the commencement of proposed programmes, like:
  • Crop Genetics and Breeding;
  • Irrigation and Water Management;
  • Forest, Food Resources and Agro — Forest
  • Wood Technology and Forest — based Industries
  • Brewing and Fermentation Technology;
  • Veterinary Anatomy
  • Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
  • Veterinary Philosophy, and Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology
  • Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

Furthermore, the observed eight programmes yet to take off out of the earlier thirty-three proposed post graduate programmes, shall form part of our academic projects.


The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike conceives food as one of the indicators of state power and national security. The University is anchored on the philosophy that national development could be enhanced by properly integrated and coordinated agricultural education.  Thus, the University strives to contribute to Nigeria’s greatness through self-sufficiency in food and fibre production as disseminated through teaching, research, training and extension. As one of the three Universities established by the Federal Universities of Agriculture Decree, No 48 of 2nd November 1992.