A delegation of the African students Union Parliament (ASUP) led by their Nigeria coordinator, Comr. Nwankwo Henry Nkem paid a courtesy visit to the Vice-Chancellor of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Prof. Francis O, Otunta. The Vice-Chancellor welcomed his guest with Kolanut as it is the custom of the University and went further to explain the symbol of offering kolanut to a guest in Igbo land, the myths and mystery surrounding the “Oji Igbo”

Introducing his group, Nwankwo Henry Nkem started with a brief history of the Union which was founded on the 7th of August 1925 as West African Students Union and then led by Ladipo Solanke. The union was formed as an Umbrella body that covers all students within the current 54 African Union (AU) recognized countries with core objective of encouraging co-existence among member states’ students for the purpose of objective analysis of issues that affects us, development and economic stability of our dear continent.

Solomon Mensha, a member of the parliament from Ghana spoke on this years’ awareness tagged “Cultural Orientation”. He said the aim of this years’ awareness program is to fight drug and other related issues amongst AU student in tertiary institutions. He was excited to announce that 3714 drug addicts have been converted and they have also joined the campaign against drug abuse. He suggested to the management the need for making Guidance and Counselling a subject in all secondary schools not just a course in the University.

Austine Koussa, a majority leader from Ivory Coast spoke in French on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social and political progress, emphasizing on the need of unity amongst AU country students and leaders in order to uplift people of Africa descent, “We  owe it to ourselves to develop our continent” he said.

Rt. Hon. Kewul Abel Mensah, the speaker, ASUP, also from Ghana started his speech by appreciating the University management for the warm reception accorded to the parliament members. He said their activities is divided into two: On campus and off campus activities.

On the “On campus activities” he said they have launched a campaign against drugs and other related vices amongst students of higher institution and it has been flagged off in Nigeria, fortunately, MOUAU is one of the school where they intend to cone for the on campus campaign while the “off campus activities” is aimed at identifying individuals whose actions and policies are in accordance to the objectives of the union; which is promoting the pan-Africanism spirit, such individuals are always recommended and appreciated by the parliament with “the Pan-African Leadership prize for excellence”. 

In his remark, the Vice-Chancellor said he was overwhelmed by the accolades and awards accorded to him by ASUP. He said it gladdens his heart to still see youths living a positive life, in a world where young men have taking to ill lifestyle and view hard work  as an act of weakness. He appreciated the parliament members who have decided to live right and for a just course despite the Decadence in our society. He promised to be fearless, reliable, articulate, noble, capable, intelligent and sincere (FRANCIS) in his daily endeavours.

The highpoint of the vent was the awards presented to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francis O. Otunta and the management team.