Directorate of Academic Planning


The Academic Planning Unit (APU), an arm of the Vice Chancellor's Office was one of the foremost Units/Departments established as early as the University. This is as a result of the need to form an accurate data base for planning purposes.

Vision and Mission of the Unit

  • Vision Statement

The vision of the Academic Planning Unit is to consciously and systematically enshrine the concept of functional and effective planning into all facets of the University. This involves planning with the plans of various segments of the University in order to accomplish the overall vision, mission and objectives of the University.

  • Mission Statement

The mission of the Academic Planning Unit is to establish an integrated planning mechanism for the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the University and to instill planning consciousness at all levels in the university so that their activities will be directed towards achieving stated objectives. It is also our mission to ensure that action is preceded by carefully laid down plans for self-sustaining development.

  • Functions/Activities of the Unit

From inception, the APU has continued to carry out its role of insuring that the minimum academic standards are constantly maintained. Recently, the NUC has directed the University Management to institute a quality assurance unit as an arm of the Academic Planning Office that ensures that the emphasis on high academic standards are maintained.

The major duties of the Academic Planning Unit could be grouped into the following sub-headings

  • Allocative Planning:

The Unit collects, analyses, interprets and stores data on students, staff and equipment for the purpose of providing other segments of the University with the infrastructure they need to be able to function efficiently and effectively. The Unit is expected to liase with the University Management, the Bursary and other relevant Units in the preparation of the University's annual recurrent budgets.

  • Feedback Planning:

Under feedback planning, the unit collects, stores and retrieves relevant data on the various University activities such as research, teaching and extension for use by the various segments of the University and some governmental bodies and agencies. The Unit also participates and advises on curriculum development and evaluation in the University, in a bid to ensure compliance with laid down rules and guidelines as well as the co-ordination of degree programmes by relevant accreditation agencies of the government.

  • Process Planning:

This is designed to enable the University realize its full potentials through the use of collated data for projection. From the projects arising there from, the University identifies areas of need and makes adequate provision to accommodate and make up these deficiencies. Furthermore, the Unit spearheads the production and revision of long term, medium term and short term Academic Briefs, strategic Plans, and the modelling of such plans against reality and the University goals.

  • Institutional Research, Statistics and Publication:

The Unit is responsible for the collection and storage of publication of statistical nature from other institutions. The Unit also prepares some University wide research materials/papers on the basis of data collated from feedback planning. It is responsible for the publication of all University records, Academic regulations, and statistics and research reports as may be directed /approved from time to time by the Vice Chancellor.

  • Fellowships, Scholarships and External Aids:

The Unit is responsible for the co-ordination of fellowships, scholarships and External linkages/Aids for the University.

Specifically, the Unit's functions are as follows:

  • Planning:

The unit is responsible for the planning function in the University and this has in recent times been concretized into "Strategic Planning".

  • Preparation of Academic Brief:

The Unit is responsible for the preparation of the University's Academic Brief, its implementation and review as the need arises.

  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation:

The Unit is in charge of programme and curriculum development and evaluation in the University. The task is performed in collaboration with the curriculum Committee.

  • Preparation of Annual Recurrent Estimates:

It is the responsibility of the Unit to produce data for the preparation of the University's annual recurrent estimates in liaison with other departments and Units.

  • Monitoring of Resource Allocation and Utilization:

The unit is responsible for the monitoring of resource allocation and utilization within the University vis-à-vis set targets and plans

  • Accreditation of Degree Programmes:

The unit coordinates the accreditation of degree programmes in the university by relevant accreditation agencies of the government. In this regard, efforts are geared towards making each programme aware of the accreditation standards and preparing them for same

  • Collation and publication of data on Staff and Students:

The Unit periodically collates, analyses and publishes data on students admission, enrolment projections and staff deposition for the benefit of the University Management, National Universities Commission (NUC) and other relevant agencies.

  • Liaison with other Colleges, Schools, Departments and Units:

The academic Planning Unit maintains constant liaison with all colleges, schools, departments and Units on information and data for planning purposes.

  • Data Base Management:

The unit maintains a data base on teaching, research, equipment and research grant in the University.

  • Co-ordination of Fellowships, scholarships, linkages, external Aids etc:

The Unit co-ordinates fellowships, scholarships, linkages, External aids, researches and outreach programmes for the University.

  • Preparation and Publication of University Statistical Digest:

It is the responsibility of the Unit to synthesize all data available in the University for the publication of the University Statistical digest.