SERVICOM is an acronym for Service Compact with all Nigerians.  This is a commitment of the Federal Government towards ensuring that all Nigerian citizens enjoy good quality services to which they are entitled, whose core provision says “we dedicate ourselves to providing the basic services to which citizens are entitled in a timely, fair, honest effective and transparent manner”.  The singular objective of Servicom is to meet the challenges of nationwide service failure as depicted in the diagnostic survey service delivery in Nigeria:  A road map.

All Government Departments as well as MICHAEL OKPARA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE UMUDIKE are now committed to SERVICOM PRINCIPLES, namely:


Affirmation of commitment to the service of Nigerian Nation Conviction that Nigeria can only realise its full potential if citizens receive prompt and efficient services from the State Consideration for the needs and rights of all Nigerian to enjoy social and economic advancement Dedication to deliver quality services to which all citizens are entitled, in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.


As the engine of the Federal Government’s service delivery initiative MOUAU SERVICOM is to:

  • Make the University more customer focused in her service delivery procedures and processes;
  • Heighten public awareness about damaging effects of service failure to the University community;
  • Promote attitudes by which citizens would recognize the need to challenge service failure as their civic right as well as their civic responsibility.
  • Promote attitudes that will ensure that services are delivered to the citizens in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.
  • Coordinates the formulation and operationalisation of Service Charters.
  • Monitors and reports on the progress made by staff in performing their obligations
  • Carries out independent surveys of the services provided to citizens, their adequacy, their timeliness and customer satisfaction.



  •  Monitoring of services as delivered by members of the university community
  • Dissemination of information on best practices and other tips on service delivery.
  • Facilitate a safe and conducive working environment for both staff and students at all levels of service delivery.
  • Serving as a link between the University’s and the SERVICOM office under the office of the president in Abuja.  The unit is expected to submit periodic reports to the head office.
  • Formulation and implementation of service improvement and action plans.
  • Serving as the secretariat of the University’s Service Delivery Committee with the windows in the Colleges, Departments, Centre’s and Directorates as members.
  • Instituting a complaints procedure including Grievance Redress Mechanism for the university.
  • Providing comprehensive and effective training policy for frontline staff on customer relations and related matters.
  • Producing, reviewing and monitoring performance of charters from the university.


  • Monitoring

  • Sensitization of staff and students on Servicom Principles and Operations

  • Formulation of Action/Service Improvement tactics
  • Evaluation survey
  • Spot checks/observation of service delivery
  • Notification of service failures