Health Services

The University Health Services Department is an integral arm of the University saddled with primary function of taking care of the Health needs of the University staff, students and the surrounding communities who may wish to access their health care needs through our health facilities.

The Department is made up of the following units with specialized functions.

  • Nursing Unit with 12 registered nurses and 5 attendants, total = 17
  • Medical Laboratory Unit with 5 Medical Lab. Scientists , one Medical Lab Technician, one Medical Lab Assistant and one Attendant = 8
  • Environmental Health Unit with one Environmental Health Officer and 4 Environmental Health Attendants, total 5
  • Pharmacy Unit with 2 pharmacists and one pharmacy technician, total = 3
  • Consulting Units has five (5) doctors.
  • Medical Records Unit, with 5 medical record officers plus a clerk, total = 7
  • Personnel Unit, with one Principal Confidential Secretary. 2messengers, total =3.
  • X - Ray Unit 1 Radiographer, 4 darkroom technicians = 5

Grand total is 53 staff

Major Activities:

Our major activities revolve around provision of effective health care delivery to the staff, students and the surrounding communities. These includes:

  • Medical consultations, diagnostics and treatment.
  • Family planning services Immunization Services Environmental Sanitations
  • Medical screenmg/examinations of new staff and students.
  • Anti retroviral treatment.

Tasks Accomplished:

The University Health Services Department is in the life saving business and  achievements are narrowed to life savings.

  • In 2011/2012, we admitted 194 patients, 83 were males and 108 females.
  • In 2012/2013, we successfully admitted and treated 210 patients 109 females it : 101 males.
  • In 2013 January-June, we admitted 185 patients.
  • The total number of patients attended to from 2011/2012 till June 2013 was 404 Radiology Unit

The X - ray Unit has attended to more than 1600 people from March - May 2014. Also involved in medical imaging and screening by taking the Chest X - ray of new students to ensure that they are healthy.


In 2011, (3,354 were immunized against hepatitis virus, 29.784 in 2012 and 5.35- 2013 totaling 39,023 patients immunized against Hepatitis virus, Yellow Fever and Tetanus-B.

Below is the tabular statistical presentation of the patients treated between 2011-2014

  Male Female Total
2011 3,683 3,518 7,201
2012 3,234 3,506 6,740
2013 2,808 2,906 5,714
2014 May 1,387 1,710 3,097
  Male Female Total
2011 83 108 191
2012 138 129 267
2013 153 181 334
2014 106 107 213

The Health Services Department is not only involved in the life activities or duties . v . also contribute to the internally generated revenue. However, the money generated b the Centre is directly collected and accounted for by Bursary staff. The X - ray Seen in the diagnostic lab, nursing care and drug sales are sources of our IGR.


The Vice Chancellor has given us a deep sense of belonging by providing a new X - ray machine, sound proof Gen. Set, borehole and we remain ever grateful to him f his special intervention at improving health care delivery in our University.