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In order to fulfill its mandate, the University will conduct teaching, research and extension activities in the following major areas: Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension, Animal Science and Animal Production, Crop and Soil Sciences, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Agricultural Engineering and Engineering Technology, Food and Consumer Science and Technology and Veterinary Medicine. The Colleges of Natural Sciences, Physical and Applied Sciences, will provide solid foundation for students before they embark on the Applied Sciences as well as conduct research in the Basic Sciences. In addition, to address pressing agricultural problems that are often neglected, the University establishedCentres with the following focal points: Agricultural Commodity Marketing, Research and Training; Operations Research, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development; Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology; Extension and Farm Management; Environmental Management and Pollution Control.

The University will engage in basic/strategic and applied research and given the nature of its mandate, adaptive research. Considerably more than half of its research efforts will be devoted to applied research. Again, the bottom-to-up approach will be adopted in the planning and implementation of research efforts- this implies that farmers own perception of their actual needs will guide research and extension activities of the University. The University will adopt a learning-by-doing approach in imparting practical farming, and scientific skills to the students. To achieve this, the University will establish viable teaching and research farms as well as demonstration and conservation plots, nurseries and plantation, parks and gardens etc. Suitable and functional infrastructure and equipment as well as adequate materials, will also be provided for laboratory research and training. In pursuing the above objectives, the University will strive to maintain effective linkages with sister Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria, Agricultural Research Institutes, University Faculties of Agriculture, ADPs, public and private sector Agricultural Enterprises, etc. Collaboration will also be sought with relevant oversea Agricultural Institutions, including the International Agricultural Research Centers (IARCs).