The current Head of Unit is Chief Mrs U.P Atulomah who joined the university as a pioneer staff in May 1994 and rose from the rank of Deputy Registrar in 2002. Mrs Atulomah was born in Umunze, Orumba South LGA; she hails from Umuahia South Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria. Mrs Atulomah acquired the West African School Certificate in 1971 at St. Rose’s Girls’ Grammar School, Ogwashi-Ukwu: and the Higher School Certificate from St. Anne’s School, Ibadan in 1972 and also London GCE O/Level 1975. She later proceeded to the University of Lagos where she obtained B.A combined Hon in Geography and History in 1978 , and later acquired the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1986 and M.Ed. in Educational Management and Planning from Imo  State University, Owerri 2004. An Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPMN), Member, Association of Nigeria University Professional Administrators (MANUPA).

Mrs Atulomah who was a Principal Class III before joining the services of the university, has been head Central Registry, Council Affairs, Senate Affairs, Academic Staff Matters and Establishment as well as being College Officer in four colleges of the university. She was also the SERVICOM desk officer for a short while. 

In 2008 she became the Pioneer Registrar of the nascent Wesley University of Science and Technology Ondo, now Wesley University, Ondo. Mrs Atulomah has attended several workshops and conferences including Women Leadership Congress in June 2013 at Banjul the Gambia and Pension Fund and Strategic Leadership Workshop held in Dubai in April 2016.

In 2014/2015 academic session she served as a Deputy Registrar on sabbatical at the University of Uyo, Uyo.


·         Associate Member Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (ACIPMN) 2004

·         Member, Association of Nigeria University Professional Administrators (ANUPA) 1997          



·         Women in Management Workshop @ Centre For Management Development  1999

·         Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Appreciation and Internet Utilities 2010 

·         CIPMN Professional Development Course on HR Business Partner, Port Harcourt 2012

·         NIMDIR Course/Workshop on Gender Project Training, MOUAU           2013

·         Women Leadership Congress @ Banjul-The Gambia                             2013

·         Pension Fund and Strategic Leadership Workshop @ Dubai                  2016

·         Annual ANUPA Conferences

·         CIPMN conferences and workshops


Imo State Secondary Education Board                                          1979 to 1988,

        Oyo State Secondary Education Board                                  1988 – 1990          

        Imo State Secondary Education Board                                  1991 – 1994

Substantive Vice Principal Administration from                             1990 to 1994

Experienced in School Staff and Student Administration



Assistant Registrar                                                  May 1994 to 1st October 1996

Senior Assistant Registrar                                       1997 to 1999

Principal Assistant Registrar                                    1999 to 2002

Deputy Registrar                                                     2002 to Date


Schedules held in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

Student Affairs                                                         May 1994

Central Registry/Council Affairs                              June 1994 to October 1997

Acting Head Teacher University Staff School          October 1997 to February 1999

Head Senate Affairs                                                 February to May 1999

College Officer CASAH now CASAP                       May 1999 to January 2000

Head, Council Affairs                                               2000 – 2004

Head, Senate Affairs                                                2004 – 2007

Head, Personnel Unit                                               2007 – 2008

College Officer CNAS                                              2009- 2013

College Officer COLPAS                                         June 2013 to February 2014

SERVICOM Unit                                                       February 2014 to April 2015/ Sabbatical Year                 College Officer CNREM                                          April 2015, to March 2016

Head, Pension Unit                                                  March 2016 to date



 Central Registry/ Council Affairs:                       May 1994-October 1997

·                Organisation of Council records which were dumped before the second batch of pioneer staff assumed duty in May 1994. 

·                Arrangements for the establishment of the University Staff School(Suggesting the design of the school to the Architect in line with government approved standards, designing the school curriculum, staff requirement, advertisement and interview of required staff)

·                Drafting of the byelaws for students resident in the hostel

·                Drafting of memoranda for Council and its committees and drafting Council and F&GPC minutes and decisions.

·                Giving quality assistance to the Registrar


Acting Head Teacher University Staff School, MOUAU from October 1997 to February 1999.

·                Preparation and presentation of the first Strategic Plan for the University Staff School.

·                Initiated and saw to the completion of a standard school playground

·                The school had a high tone while I was there.

·                Organisation of refresher courses for teachers in-house


 College Officer CASAH now CASAP February 1999-January 2000

Provision of  high level administrative support to the Dean;  ensuring prompt action on student and staff issues; scheduling, organising and recording of the proceedings of statutory and ad hoc meetings of the college;  cleanliness of classrooms, offices, toilets and surroundings.

Control and guidance of Registry staff of the College.


Council Affairs Officer 2000 to 2004

·         High level assistance to the Registrar in scheduling, organising and recording of Council proceedings and of its committees.

·          Commendations received from Management for adept recording of minutes and reports.

·         In 2000 I redesigned the format for contract award letters to outline in detail the terms of the contract to avoid unnecessary litigations.


Head Senate Affairs Officer

·         Demonstrated Capacity for the provision of comprehensive support to the Registrar in Scheduling, organising and recording of Senate proceedings and it committees.

·          Prompt communication of Senate decisions.

·         Initiated the filing of results according to programmes instead of departments.


Head Personnel Affairs   

·         Developed and maintained administrative processes that increased accuracy and efficiency.

·          Processing requests for staff need through the Directorate of Academic Planning to the Registrar

·         Drafting of advertisements for publication

·         Processing applications for short listing, arranging for interviews, preparing interview reports, drafting appointment letters

·         Secretary Pension Board and handling of PENCON matters.

·         Handling of Appointments and Promotions Committee matters.


College Officer, CNAS (2009 to 2012), COLPAS (2012 to 2014) CNREM (2015 to date)

·         Provision of  high level administrative support to the Deans;

·          ensuring prompt action on policy and staff issues;

·          scheduling, organising and recording of the proceedings of statutory and ad hoc meetings of the college; 

·          Cleanliness of classrooms, offices, toilets and surroundings.

·         Coordination of registration, matriculation and convocation of students.

·          I met a situation where College Board Minutes were not circulated to members and toilets locked up due to insanitary condition.


Head, Pension Unit

·         Use of the proper nominal roll format leading to updating of RSA accounts.

·         Proper filling of documents carelessly dumped in the file cabinets.

·         Preparation of Pension

·         Clearing of backlogs of Group Life benefits.

·         Redirecting wrongly submitted death benefit forms.



Since assumption of duty in 1994 I have served in 43 committees as Member and or Secretary. Those most relevant to Human Resources Management are:

·         Member Committee  that drafted the first Staff  Conditions of Service (Commendation letter attached)

·         Council Affairs Schedule Officer. ( Commendation letters attached)

·         Deputy Registrar Academic Staff Matters/Establishment Officer.

·         Secretary, Pensions Board.

·         Appointments and Promotions Committee Matters.

·         Member/Secretary Committee on Grievances 2011(the committee gave possible solutions to several staff issues)

·         Member Junior Staff interview panels at various times.

·         Committee on Junior Staff Matters (2015)



a)    Pioneer Registrar, Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo (WUSTO)                                                                    

As the Chief Administrative officer and Secretary to Council, Senate, Congregation and Convocation, I provided visionary leadership for a nascent Registry by ensuring the employment of highly skilled pioneer staff with great potentials. Also the staff were given training on the job.

Key Achievements

·                Computerised Registry

·                In-house training of staff tailored towards the specific needs of the university.

·                Preparation of draft Senior and Junior Staff  Conditions of Service

·                Drafting of Students Information Handbook

·                Drafting of Senate Standing Order.

·                Preparation of Schedules of duty for Registry staff.


b)    Sabbatical in University of Uyo, Uyo

·         Stint in Personnel Directorate.

·          Senate Matters in the Academic Affairs Directorate