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Curriculum Vitae of the Unit Head:

 The Head of the Unit is currently Mrs. E. N. Chukwu A Deputy Registrar who rose through the rank of Administrative Officer of this University from 1999 till date.  Mrs. Chukwu had her primary school education at Universal Primary School, Nigercem Nkalagu in 1974.  She had her secondary education starting from Abakaliki Trade center to Okporo Trade Centre Orlu in Imo State.  Mrs. Chukwu is a malabress having graduated from the University of Calabar, Cross River State in 1987.  She did her National Youth Service Corp at Federal Girls College Owerri in Imo State.

 Mrs. Chukwuhad M.Ed in Education Administration and Planning from Abia State University Uturu in 2015.  She is currently pursuing a Ph.D Programme in Department of Educational Management in College of Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.

 Mrs. Chukwu’s first government appointment was in 1989 with the State Education Management Board.  She was deployed as an English Language Teacher at Community Secondary School Orogwe – Imo State.  After the Abia State creation in 1991 she was redeployed to teach at Government College, Umuahia Abia State from where she transferred her services to the University.



Work Experience in MOUAU:


                  Administrative Officer/Assistant Registrar Student Affairs                   1999 – 2005

                  Senior Assistant Registrar/ Junior Staff Management                          2005 – 2007  

          ♦        Senior Assistant Registrar/College of Crop & Soil Sciences               2007 – 2008

                  Senior Assistant Registrar/College Officer

                   College of Natural & Applied Sciences                                               2008 – 2009

                   Principal Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrar     

                   College of Applied Food Science & Tourism                                     2011 – 2014

                    Head of Unit Academic Affairs                                                       2015 – Till Date


          Membership of Committee/Bodies:


                  Chairman Cases Investigation Committee (Hostels)                     1999 – 2005

                  Secretary, Refuse Disposal Committee                                        2000 – 2003

                  Secretary, Students Welfare Committee                                       2001 – 2007

                  Secretary, Committee on Investigation of Theft in Dean’s 

                   Office CBPS now CNAS, MOUAU.                                                  2005


                  Secretary, Award of Excellence Committee CCSS                       2007

                  Secretary, Staff School Management Board                                2008 – 2010

                  Member, University Ceremonial Committee                                2008

                  Secretary, Panel of Investigation of C. Nwankwo’s missing         

                   Scripts in CNAS                                                                             2008

                  Secretary, University Ceremonial Committee                             2000

                  Secretary, College Board, CNAS                                                 2008 – 2009

         ♦        Secretary, College Board, CASAP                                                2009 – 2011

                 Secretary, College Board, CAFST                                                2011 – 2015

                 Secretary, University Bookshop Establishment Committee         2011

                 Secretary, Panel of Investigation of Threat of Life of

                   Dr. Ejike Chukwunonyere                                                              2011


                  Secretary, Re-organization & Re-structuring of Academic

                   Programme:  College of Information & Communication Sciences  2011

                  Secretary, Committee on Proposal on Commercial

                   Piggery Production                                                                    2011

                  Secretary, Committee on the Provision of Student Parks

                   & Waiting Places                                                                       2011

                  Secretary, Implementation Committee of the Concrete

                   Seats and Parks Facilities                                                        2013

                 Secretary, Student Disciplinary Board                                       2014

                 Secretary, Staff Disciplinary Board (Academic Staff)                2014

                 Secretary, College of Applied Food Science and Tourism

                   Commercial Venture                                                                 2014 – 2015

                 Member, Allegation on Sharp Practices in Employment

                   and Admission                                                                          2014

                 Member, Investigation on Sharp Practices involving Bursary

                   Staff                                                                                           2016

                 Secretary, Current Accreditation Committee                              2017

                Secretary, Examination and Time Table Committee                    2017


Membership of Outside Bodies/Committees:


                  Secretary, NUCBMAS on Resource Verification                          2014

                  Member Automotive/Portal Installation                                         2015

                  Secretary, Amuda Town Development Union (ATDU)

                   Women Wing (Umucha)                                                             1990 – Till Date

                  Member, Umucha Annual Prayer Project                                    2001 – Till Date

                  Secretary, A.T.D.U. Women Wing Umuahia Branch (Current)     2004 – 2008

                  Member/Co-coordinator, Outreach Committee                           2006 – 2010

                  President, Women Fellowship, All Saint Methodist Church

                   (MCN) Ikeaha in Ibeku Main                                                      2006 – 2010

                  Secretary, Diocesan Minister’s Wives Fellowship                  2009 – Till Date

                  Treasurer, ABC PRP Project, Umucha Health Centre            2009 – Till Date

          ♦        President, Women Fellowship, John Wesley Methodist

                   Church, Ehimiri                                                                       2010 – 2011

                  Vice-Chairman, Circuit Minister’s Wives Fellowship             2010 – 2014

                  Church Council Member, John Wesley Methodist Church

                   Nigeria, Ehimiri.                                                                       2010 – 2014

                  President, St. Johns Methodist Church, Old Umuahia

                   Women Fellowship                                                                    2014 – Till Date


          Membership of Professional Bodies:

                  Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered)

                  Member, Association of Nigeria Universities Professional Administrators,

                   Umudike Chapter

                  Member, National Association of Education Administration Planning

                  Member, National Teachers Registration Council

                  Assistant Secretary VASMUCS Cooperative Society                   2012 – 2014

                  Secretary, VASMUCS Cooperative Society Ltd                            2014 – Till Date

          ♦        Secretary, Board of Trustee – VASMUCS                                    2014 – Till Date


          Conference/Workshop/Seminar Attended:


                  Hostel Management Conference, University of Nigeria,

                   Nsukka, Enugu State.                                                               2001

                  Nigerian Institute of Management Annual General Meeting     2007

                  Organized a Workshop for Porters and Hostel Cleaners

                   in MOUAU                                                                                2004

                  In-House Seminar for Administrators and Secretaries

                   in MOUAU                                                                                2009

          ♦        Educational Challenges in 21st Century, Abia State, University,

                   Uturu.                                                                                      2009

          +        Continuous Educational Programmes of Nigerian Institute

                   of Management, Enugu                                                             2010

                    National Association of Educational Administration and

                   Planning at Makurdi                                                                 October, 2012

                    Annual National Conference of Nigerian Institute of Management,

                   at Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.                                                          September, 2013

                    Senior Administrators/Confidential Secretary Workshop in

                   MOUAU, Umudike.                                                                    2011

                    Annual Church Convention of the Women Fellowship,

                   Methodist Church, Nigeria.

                    Plenary Session of the Scripture Union at Camp of Faith, Okigwe.


          Extra Curricular: Bible Exposition, Joyful Noise unto the Lord, Teaching, Reading,

                   Writing and Cooking.