SAA trained Lecturers on Learning Management System for e-learning in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria

Participants during training session

Participants during training session


On the 20th and 22nd of November 2021, Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA), trained Lecturers on the deployment and utilization of asynchronous learning models using Learning Management Systems in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria.

The aim of the training was to enhance the mainstreaming of e-extension platforms informal and non-formal agricultural extension training and operations as well as scaling up technologies through digital transformation. The Learning Management System allows the enrollment of learners for the BSc degree program, farmers, and other value chain actors for the release of Short Message Services (SMS), images, podcasts, & videos for extension advisory services.

A total of 35 lecturers participated in the training, who will after the training enroll farmers and other value chain actors using their telephone numbers across all agricultural enterprises around Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria covering over 200,000 farming households.

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria is hosting the domain on the main webpage and this will improve distance learning for agricultural extension staff, farmers and other value chain actors. The Lecturer attested that the training is a game-changer for the enrollment in the Sasakawa University training program and as well improving the linkage with farming communities with timely and relevant agricultural advisory services.

Sasakawa Africa Association and Michael Okpara University of Agriculture have been partners since 2018 to develop and implement a demand-driven, value chain oriented Agricultural Extension curriculum to train mid-career Agricultural Extension workers from the public and private sector in South East Nigeria. The program reaches farming communities through value-chain oriented supervised enterprise projects implemented by students with farmers and other value chain actors, to solve jointly identified rural problems that promote entrepreneurial niches for students and farming communities for improved livelihoods.

SAA  for close to four decades has been supporting small-scale farmers and other value-chain actors along the value chain through enhancing the national agricultural extension system and building capacity of mid-career extension staff with 29 partner universities and agricultural colleges in 11 Africa countries.

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