About – Directorate of University Research Administration

About - Directorate of University Research Administration

The Directorate of University Research Administration (DURA) is the institutional arrangement for Research Management and Administration at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. The Directorate was established in 2006 and is housed in Room 308 of the Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s building.

The Succession of Directors is given as follows:

Prof. S.N. Ibe                            2007 – 2012

Prof. P.C. Ojimelukkwe          2014 – 2020

Prof. U.K Oke                           2020 till date

Duties of the Directorate are described in the Research Policy and Plan of the University. To ensure proper organization and management of research on a sustainable basis, appropriate administration machinery was put in place from the administrative organogram to the University Research Board (URB). At the onset, the Directorate was overseeing (11) research programmes and currently there are (13) research programmes The Directorate also have the following definitive composition for the purpose of facilitating its function

i The Director

ii Deputy Director

iii Deans and Directors of Academic Units

iv Research Programme Leaders, the group is expected to have periodic meetings with the Director at least quarterly.


Commodity /Utility/Action – based Research has been identified in all colleges /Schools in the university, there are thirteen (13) research programmes, which are multidisciplinary in nature. The names of the programmes are as follows

  1. Agribusiness and Cooperative
  2. Animal Production and improvement
  3. Agricultural Extension
  4. Education and Gender issues
  5. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  6. Soil Climatology and Environmental Management
  7. Food Science, Nutrition and Home Management 
  8. Renewable Resources and Wildlife Management
  9. Engineering and information Technology
  10. Biological and Physical Sciences
  11. Communication and Social Leadership issues
  12. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  13.  Animal health and Biomedical

Each programme constitutes themselves into teams to carry out research on different conceived aspect of the broad Research Programme

Other activities of the Directorate include:

  1. focused research activities for product development and optimization
  2. Building capacity for grantsmanship among Researchers in the University
  3. Establishment of industrial parks
  4. Development of partnership with industries towards problem solving and product development
  5. Vibrant monitoring and evaluation programme for all research activities
  6. Establishment of units for patency right
  7. Modification of the research Policy and plan to include a grant management structure for the University.
  8. Linkages for product improvement and protection
  9. Funding of Research

VISION: To enthrone a functional, sustainable, excellence – driven and productive research culture


  1. The University shall accord high priority to research in the disciplines she offers, notably Agriculture, Science, Engineering and Management.
  2. Research project to address activities which solve societal problems and priority national needs, address global realities   and established needs of the university’s catchment area. 

Directorate of University Research Administration